Wednesday, June 13, 2012

First Target Beauty Bag EVER!!

Hey Everyone!!!

OMGGG It's been so long! I know, I'm so sorry I've been so busy... no excuses though. <3

Anyway, I signed up for the Target Beauty Bag via This Facebook App almost a month ago and I just received it today! Not bad considering I have had regular orders from take much longer. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised how nice this bad is! Honestly! It came with 8 samples of all different kinds of products and they are all really good! Except 2... not because they aren't good products, it is because I can't currently use them as they are shampoo/conditioner that contains Sodium Chloride and I recently had a Keratin Treatment done on my hair :(. But I will review everything as honestly as possible!

                                         First of all.... Looks at how cute this bag is!! yay!
*dont mind my nails they're terrible right now*

Garnier Fructis Color Shield Shampoo and Conditioner
(Sample Sizes)
(sorry about the camera glare :/)
Now, I can't currently use this product because of the keratin treatment, BUT, this was my go-to for colored hair in the past. It smells WONDERFUL! It also made my hair feels amazing! The lather on the shampoo was great and the conditioner left my hair feeling like silk. These samples are also pretty generous and they would be great for travel. The only complaint I ever had about these was, like any other shamp/cond, I would get a buildup of product after long term use. Other than that these are great  and not very expensive either, I believe they are $6.99USD? Does anyone know?

TRESemme Split Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner
(Sample Sizes)
Now I am sorry to say I can't use these because of my hair treatment, BUT I smelled and touched them. The texture of each is really good, thick and silky conditioner and a really nice lather on the shampoo (I washed my hands with it just to see :p). The smell is nice also, kind of floral and a little fruity!

Aveeno Smart Essentials Daily Detoxifying Scrub
(Sample Size)
This stuff is awesome!!! It made my skin squeaky clean and a little definitely goes a long way! It is pretty smooth for a "scrub". It doesn't have a rough texture at all, which I like because it doesn't feel like my face is peeling off when I am using it :). The smell is great, almost citrus but not quite? Also, some floral notes in there but I am not sure what they are.

Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter in Peach Parfait
(VERY TINY Sample Size)
I happen to own 7 of these Lip Butters already, not in this shade so that was nice, and I Love these! There has been a lot of buzz about lip butters since they launched and everything about them is true! The downside is this sample is super small so it's really only good for one use. The lip butter is beautiful though!
(swatched over bare skin)
Peach Parfait is a really nice (though very sheer) rosy peach color whith some subtle gold shimmer. I have really rosy lips naturally so its not really visible on me, but it gives a nice glowy look, almost like lip balm? But prettier! I love this! I don't know if I would buy a full size only because I own similar colors but I definitely recommend it!

Neutrogena Ultra Sheep Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 70
(Sample Size)
(stupid glare... I am so sorry!!! I can't get a better pic I don't have any day light :/)
Aside from my crappy picture, I really love this! I am a sunblock nut. I almost never tan or stay in the sun for long and when I do I am slathered in sunblock. It has that classic "sun-screen" beachy smell, but it isn't at all over powering. I put it on my face and it didn't feel heavy or greasy at all. It also did not change my skin tone, it is definitely sheer. I believe what they mean by "dry touch" is that it doesn't feel greasy or anything like that, and if thats what they are referring too they are absolutely correct. It was literally weightless and it dried almost instantly. I love this and will be buying a full size. 

I was also sent a coupon book for some different Target products!
The total value of the coupons came to $19.00USD! I will be using them because there are some products in there that I definitely want!

So that is my first Target Beauty Bag Review! I have to say I am so impressed and I can't wait for another bag!!! The bag had top notch products, generous samples (excluding the lip butter) and the bag itself is adorable! I give Target a 5 out of 5 for this particular bag!

Hope you enjoyed my review! I have a cute Wet n Wild Polish review coming up! Stay tuned!
*blows glitter kisses*

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  1. I was soooo happy with this bag. I love the sunscreen and have almost gone through the whole tube already. :)