Saturday, October 20, 2012



I was recently in need of some new face products, some powders, liners, the normal everyday stuff etc... So being that I didn't feel like spending 10.00 + on just translucent powder I decided to give NYC a go. I must say, I am pleasantly surprised with the quality of their product. I picked up alot of different items and for the price I paid in total, around $23.00, It definitely exceeded my expectations.

                                                                          :What I Got:
                                   NYC Smooth Skin Pressed Face Powder in Warm Beige $3.99
                                   NYC Smooth Skin Pressed Face Powder in Translucent $3.99
                              NYC Sun 'n' Bronze Bronzing Powder in Hamptons Radiance $4.99
                                                         NYC Cover Stick in Light $2.99
                3 NYC Kohl EyeLiner Pencils in 921 Jet Black, 924 In The Navy and 926 White $.99 ea
                                         NYC Automatic EyeLiner Pencil in 831 Basic Black $1.99
                                          NYC Browser Brush On Brow Kit in 876 Brunette $2.99

                                                          *prices vary per store/location*

The face powders feel creamy and light weight. They blend beautifully and match my skin tone perfectly. They are both in black compacts with large mirrors.
                                                  Warm Beige                      Translucent

The bronzer is a perfect creamy powder that also goes on light weight, has a slight shimmer and is not the "orangey" bronzer I usually come across. I am very fair and most bronzers are too dark and heavy for my tone but this one is just perfect. :)
The part I love most is that the different colored strips can be used all together for one blended color or they can be used separately for a highlight or contour. I have also been using them as a quick on the go summer look using, the lightest shade on my brow bone, the pink one on my lid and the dark one in my crease! It's a great alternative to carrying a lot of different eyeshadows when your in a hurry!

The cover stick is the only problematic one I can find in the bunch. The color matches me fine, but its slightly dry. It doesn't blend as well as some other concealers I have, but it works just fine for a on the go solution to dark circles. I love that its like a lipstick tube so it doesn't take up much space. 

The liners are all creamy and really pigmented. They go on smooth and are easily "smudgeable" for a smoky look, but the tip is fine so they can also create fine lines. The navy is my favorite, it has a little shimmer in it and it flatters my hazel eyes.
 I haven't has the chance to use this one yet, but from my swatches it is not as creamy as the pencil liners, I think I'll throw this is my bag and use it when I need touch ups.

                                                   swatches below.. with and without flash
                                           -Jet Black- In The Navy-White and -Basic Black-

 This brow kit is great. I have always been using shadows from my BH Palettes but I have been wanting something I can take with me when I need to. I have stress alopecia in my eyebrows so this helps me because I prefer to use shadows instead of a pencil to fill my brows. The light cream you see on the right is a sort of brow "gel". It works well and definitely keeps the brows in place all day long. I use a brush to apply it, I think your supposed to use your finger but I find a brush to be more precise. This kit also come with a tiny tweezer which is super convenient and it is actually a really awesome tweezer! It also has a small brush that is for the shadow but it is a little too fluffy for me, I have used my own brushes, but it does work well.

All in all the price of these products are definitely worth it! They are all long lasting and despite the low price tag, they can all compete with the more high price items at the drugstore! I say give them a shot!

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed!
*blows glitter kisses*

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lemon Fizz and Happy Go Lucky!!!!

Hey Everyone!

This is a quick MOTD using Lemon Fizz and Happy Go Lucky from the China Glaze Up and Away collection. These are the first colors I have tried since I got the entire set. I LOVE THESE SO MUCH! I was a little hesitant becaue usually yellow makes my hand look terrible and I have virtually no yellow polishes. These happen to be super flattering on my skin tone and as a combo these are great together. 
Lemon Fizz is my favorite of the too, its a creamy pale, pale yellow that is honestly perfect. Its opaque for me in 2 coats and isn't streaky or anything. The issue I had was the formula seemed to be slightly runny, but not enough for me to not use it. Happy Go Lucky is a beautiful lemon-y yellow that reminds me of those cute smiley faces with the black eyes and mouth! Its ADORABLE. It's wonderfully bright without being neon and again is opaque in 2 coats. They compliment each other well I feel, and it's hard to see but my accent nail with Happy Go Lucky on it has some chunky loose hex glitter I found in my stash. I think this would look cute reversed too, with Lemon Fizz on the accent nail.

SO SO SO SO SO SO CUTE!! These are great colors for summer and spring, and my next MOTD will have 2 more colors from the Up and Away Collection. I'm so happy I bought these, I was definitely missing out!
                                                                *blows glitter kisses*

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Want My Bawdy!! China Glaze


This will be my last post. On the China Glaze Bohemian Collection I mean!! Haha, "Want My Bawdy" is the last in the line and BY FAR my personal FAVORITE!!! I love deep blue nail polish, especially for fall, but this one isn't like anything I have ever seen before. It's a gorgeous rich sapphire blue that has a teeny tiny bit of a silver flash in it. Its opaque in 2 coats and leaves no visible brush strokes. 

                 This one definitely color accurate, and this is why its my favorite. Its so rich looking!

My fingers look so crooked lol ewww

I hope you liked my post! Check out my other posts to see the entire collection if you haven't seen it before and thank you all so much for reading!
I enjoyed reviewing these polishes, they are gorgeous!
Stay tuned for some up coming posts!

*blows glitter kisses*

No Plain Jane China Glaze!!!

Hey Hey Hey!!!

This next post is on The China Glaze Bohemian Collection "No Plain Jane"! This is soooo freaken pretty!!! This needed 2 coats to be opaque, any less than that and I saw VNL.  With no visible brush lines and a gorgeous color shift, this color really is one of the top jewels in this collection. The shift I've seen is a GORGEOUS violet that shifts to almost a gold-olive color. Its breathtaking! I had sooo many compliments on my nails, every one loved it! As you look at each picture you can see the big difference in the color change. Its amazing and definitely one of my favorites! 

The last picture is a little bit more blue than I have seen in person but I assume it is my camera. The one above the last picture is more accurate. I did this before clean-up, I apologize, but I was awe-struck and I had to take a picture! I couldn't wait!!!!
My next polish post will be on "Want My Bawdy", so stay tuned!

*blows glitter kisses*

China Glaze Deviantly Daring!


I went on vacation for a few days, so that's why I haven't posted but I'm back! This post is on "Deviantly Daring" in the China Glaze Bohemian Collection. I love this colors! Its a gorgeous and bright rich teal blue that shifts to a dark navy in some light and a bright green teal color in other light! no visible brush line and is most definitely opaque in 1 coat. SWATCHES!

sorry these pics suck... im actually getting a camera in a few weeks so yay!!!!!

 I took the pic above and below in day light so you can see the GORGEOUS green tone to this polish.

some of the pics are blurry so u can see the true tone, sometimes the sharper image on my camera doesn't capture it the way I want it to.

I love this color alot, the duo chrome in this one, from what I can see, is a peacock blue to a teal that is more green. I also see a darker navy in some lower lighting.

My next post will be on No Plain Jane!!! Hope you enjoyed this one!!

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Sunday, August 12, 2012


hey everyone!

Just a cute video of jayla doing my makeup! ENJOY!

and believe me, it took me a looooong time to get all that off my face lol

                                                                  *blows glitter kisses*

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Chine Glaze Bohemian Collection- UNPREDICTABLE!!

Hey Lovies!!

I just gave myself a mani using Unpredictable from the new China Glaze Bohemian Collection on and OMG ITS GORGEOUS!! Its a stunning olive-y green to blue duo chrome, I'll be honest and say the color shift is not incredibly prevalent, but aside from that the polish is seriously beautiful. I see a strong hint of gold as well and it's completely opaque in just 2 thin coats. The formula is wonderful and there are no visible brush lines aside from my own injury marks to my nails. I know I said the 2 previous colors I wore were my favorite (lol) but I think so far this one takes the cake! The main reason Ilove this color is because greens are not usually flattering to my skin tone but this one definitely is!! Now for the swatch!!!

I know the lighting is dark but I actually turned down some of the lights because the brighter is was the more it washed out the color and I couldn't capture it accurately.

                                                     *sorry about my ragged cuticles* :x

I also wanted to include a few shots of my makeup for today! I was at a bbq and it was about 90 degrees and super humid, I put my makeup on at around 9am and it was on for almost 11 hours and did budge even with the awful heat!

 I know my face looks pretty bare but I actually have on a full face! I used concealer to color my flaws, and a light application of Misshas BB cream, some powder to set everything, dusty rose blush, a eyeliner pencil in black by Covergirl and Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara! I felt like I had no makeup on and it didn't move an inch! <3
Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed and my next polish post will be Deviantly Daring from China Glaze so stay tuned! Until then I'll have some more fun posts coming! <3
                                                                    *blows glitter kisses*