Sunday, February 26, 2012

Moi Minerals Swatch/Review! Lots of Pictures!!!!

Hey Girlies!

On one of my many Etsy shopping sprees I came across Moi Minerals. A Canada based cosmetics company owned by the sweet and ever lovely Holly! She makes the most GORGEOUS cosmetics. As we know I am a complete pigment nutcase and she feeds my addiction completely! Bright and bold, shimmery or matte, glittery or subtle, you name it, she DEFINITELY has it. Lol. I DIE for these pigments, they are super blendable, bright as all hell and almost creamy? They are super soft and a great addition to any indie makeup stash! Aside from just pigments she also creates beautiful lippies, as well as some mineral face makeup! With a vast array of products and prices to die for, her stuff is SO worth it, and I am officially obsessed. Now as for Holly herself, she is amazing, an absolute doll. She responds to emails quickly, sends extra samples, answers any and all questions, and is just a great example of what a business owner should be, indie or commercial. I had ordered 3 of her pigments from Etsy, Galaxy, Emerald and Diego. At this point I had just begun to blog and wanted to try out some indie companies to do reviews on. Of course I contacted Holly, to which she responded almost immediatly, and she said she would love it if I did a review We continued to talk and she recognized me from the Facebook group we are both apart of, Never Too Much Sparkle!, and she asked me if I would like to be one of her models!!! How could I resist? So I agreed and she sent me the beautiful goodies I am doing this review on! I am so excited to have joined this team of pretty girls, representing a truly wonderful company! <3The package came fairly quickly, just over 3 weeks, and I was drooling the second I opened it.

                                                    Everything came in a bubble mailer!
         Holly has the cutest packaging! The hearts are adorable and she sent a handwritten note as well as her business card! LOVE IT!
         Ok so because I am a model for Moi Minerals, Holly sent me a package for swatch/review, and when I opened it I almost died! Once you see the individual swatches you'll understand why! (This stuff was in addition to the pigments I purchased, and I will show them later as well).
*also-on all the swatch pics I will post a normal photo and then a blurry photo so you can see the texture and sparkle!* The full size jars as well as the sample baggies are from her New High Beam Collection. These are really unique because the texture of them looks like actually ground up crystal instead of just powdered pigment. Some are not as textured as others, this is because some are more naturally pigmented than others, such as "Room 1020" vs. "Beach Bum", but this doesn't matter because they are all equally amazing!

("I'm going to apologize now for the weird angles of my pictures and the names being upside down or anything, when I upload they get skewed and I do not know how to fix it, the name may be off the the colors speak for themselves,sorry")
           Holly sent me 3 samples, "Field Of Gold", "Rain" and "Purple People Eater".(cute names!)

"Field of Gold" is STUNNING! It's a gorgeous bright green with a gold reflect and gold glitter in it! I love this one, I don't really own a green like this so I'm thrilled she sent it to me!

"Rain" is a bright white and super sparkly!!!! This is an amazing highlight even as a liner it would be gorgeous, this one is a MUST for my stash.

"Purple People Eater is a light violet/lilac color with an almost silver reflect and it's beautiful! It's very smooth and really pigmented! Love this!

Aside from the samples, Holly also sent me 3 fullsize pigments from her New High Beam Collection!!! OMFG they are stunning! I love these!

"Beach Bum" HAS to be my favorite out of the 3, Its a seriously complex color, swatched here it looks like a pinky, nude, almost rose color? Haha I'm having a hard time explaining the color, but it is GORGEOUS. This is totally going to be my go-to sparkle for summer, and I can't wait! It's unbelievably pigmented and sparkly. That swatch is 1 swipe over primer! Holy crap right!?!?

"Room 1020" is insane. It is the brightest hot pink I have ever come across! Its amazing to look at and it has a little bit of a silver violet reflect! This is 1 swipe and I mean, c'mon, it's pink, You HAVE to have this!

"Walking On The Sun" is amazing! It's a great, vibrant and seriously pigmented yellow that is SUPER sparkly! I love this one, it definitely reminds me of the sun and will be awesome for summer!

Now when you go on Moi Minerals, as I had mentioned before, there is a difference between some of the pigments in the High Beam Collection. Some are "Sparklers" i.e- "Beach Bum", "Walking On The Sun", and others are "Intense Blends" i.e- "Room 1020", "Field Of Gold". The sparkler are the more heavily glitters pigments and the intense blends are the more powdered ones. So just make sure you are aware of this before ordering, but even still they are all perfect so in my opinion, sparkler or intense blend, you will be ecstatic with whatever you purchase!

Of course Holly, being Holly as generous as she is, had to send me 3 lip glosses as well! I am not a lippy person, only because I never find anything I like, but I really like these! They are not at all sticky or "goopy" on the lip, and they are also super pigmented and a little goes a long way!
The little dome containers are so cute! I don't know if these are standard packaging, but if they are I'm fine with that because they are awesome to just throw in your purse or even pocket!

"Outer Space" is a clear based gloss with a CRAZY amout of iridescent glitter in it! The picture doesn't do it justice!
"Naughty Nurse" is a beautiful hot pink with a slight violet blue reflect and I must say, I never liked hot pink lips until this one. It builds easy for intense color, but can be almost sheer as well to give you a subtle hot pink gloss.
"Chocolate Moose" is my favorite. A great shimmer brown color that reminds me of satin, it has a great shimmery-shiny finish to it that I totally love.
Definitely pick some of these up there awesome!

As I had said earlier that I purchased some things from Holly before I had even spoken with her, and I am overjoyed with my choices. I chose 3 pigments, and I am so glad I picked what I did.

"Emerald" is a beautiful black base with a gorgeous green reflect! I Love this one, I have a thing for black and green pigments and this one is a great addition to my collection!

"Diego". I mean seriously does this one even need an introduction. Every time I look at this I just stare at it in awe. Its a brown base with a gorgeous blue almost purple duchrome. I want to BATHE in this pigment. I can't stand how gorgeous it is.

*sopping up drool off the keyboard after seeing "Diego"*

Ahem, anyway, this is "Galaxy". A beautiful shimmery black with a great silver reflect, great for a smokey eye and also a liner!  Again, my obsession with black pigment drew my eye to this on the website immediatly and I had to have it!

Absolutely in-love! 

So because of all this crazy inspiration from receiving these gorgeous goodies, I decided to create some looks using them! Hope you like! Comments appreciated!

This one was using "Beach Bum" and "Galaxy" on my eyes and "Chocolate Moose" on my lips!

This look was done using "Field Of Gold", "Room 1020", "Walking On The Sun" on my bottom inner  corner and "Rain" on my brow bone.
I call it- "Red Light, Green Light, 1-2-3" hahaha

Last but not least, this look was done using "Emerald", "Diego" on my inner lid and inner corner, and "Galaxy" at the out corner. I can't think of a good name for this... any ideas?

So all in all I give Moi Minerals a 5 out of 5 stars for:
Great Products all around
Awesome customer service
SUPER pigmentation
AMAZING prices
Wide variety of product and color

Love Love Love this company, and I Love even more that I have joined the team and now represent them along with many other gorgeous girls!

Hope you enjoyed my post!
See you guys tomorrow
*blows glitter kisses*

Friday, February 24, 2012

A few different Mani's and a LOTD! yay

Hey Everyone!
Sorry I haven't blogged in a few days, I have been so sick I literally can't move or think! 
So here is just a quick blog about some mani's and an LOTD using Jesse's Girl Cosmetics, and then I'm getting started tonight on an AMAZING post! Stay Tuned! Its going to be awesome!

 Messy I know, Sorry, but I love this one! It was done using Wet N Wild "Black Creme" and Spoiled Polish "Trust Fund Baby" on the accent nail! <333

 One of my previous swatch/reviews was on Jesse's Girl Cosmetics and I couldn't get a good picture of one of there pigments called "Secret Weapon". I LOVE THIS COLOR. In the jar it looks white but it has a beautiful blue duchrome! This is it! Its gorgeous, this is definitely one of my  go-to duochromes!
 This mani is Wet N Wild "Black Creme" with Spoiled Polish "Use Protection" -_-... strange name lol
I went in to a CVS before I got sick and was like hmmm I need a new polish. So I went over to the Spoiled display and This one really stood out to me, it's a gorgeous teal/peacock and LOADED with hex and small glitter in gold and iridescent colors. So pretty, but I didn't look at any names. When I got home and put this on I looked at the name and was like OMFG really!?! hahah The names that this company comes up with are crazy!
                                                   *blurry so you can see the glitterzzz*
 This one had to be my fav! It's China Glaze "Purple Panic". It's hot pink but the reflect in it is purple is gorgeous! I put Spoiled "Jewelry Heist" over it! Love it!

I know it's short but I'll be back later with more pretty things!!!!
Stay Tuned!

                                                               *blows glitter kisses*

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Hey Ladies!

Today I want to talk about a couple things, not crazy in depth because I ramble. A LOT. Sooo a quick summary of what this post is going to be about :

1) I decided to do a concealer/foundation/full coverage tutorial because my skin is definitely not as flawless as it sometimes looks. I just happen to be really good at covering stuff lol

2) I am posting a pic of me without any makeup on. NONE. I'm scared to do this because I'm not comfortable without makeup, but I feel like we should all be comfortable with ourselves regardless of what we look like. This is something that I myself am coming to terms with and maybe this will help me and others to realize that EVERYONE is beautiful, inside and out regardless of what we put on our faces, or lack there of. Please be kind lol

So the other day on Never Too Much Sparkle!, the Facebook group I'm in, I saw a conversation about too much airbrushing on photos. I myself do not airbrush my photos because honestly I don't know how. Lol. But I don't think I would anyway because I'm pretty good at making my skin look good and even. So Aranza of A Touch of Glamour and I got into a conversation how I do concealer. So for her I'm doing a concealer tutorial. Thanks for the inspiration! So first off, before I chicken out and don't post these pics they are

                                         yes people, I only have half eye brows hahah
here I am. Under eye circles, freckles, weird redness lol and equally strange non sexy faces. BAM
n wtf is up with hair. :x meh
...yea thats not awkward lol...
So now I'll do a few pictures of the steps I go through,
These are all the things I use to get a flawless face

*Also please refer to my palette pictures I post them below to the tutorial, and the numbers will go next to the product I am using
Step 1
Get your face nice and clean, I usually prep my face with Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel

Step 2
Take your color concealer and cover any blemishes you want. I use yellow and green concealer as well , # 6 green concealer for the redness in my face and # 2 yellow for under eye circles, and #'s 7 & 12 flesh tones for covering freckles and evening my skin tone. 
So basically I start with this-
eeeeek haha dont mind the hairssss
and I end up with this

Step 3
I use liquid foundation, I always have so if you use any powders or mineral makeup instead skip this step. But I put whatever liquid I use all over, CoverGirl Clean Makeup Normal Skin
So you get this

Step 4
Then I contour #5 and highlight #'s 1 & 2 , I contour my cheek bones and just highlight my nose and under eyes, and then I add my brows.
So I get this

Step 5
I add my bronzer (NYC Sun N Bronze in Hamptons Radiance) all over my face and My blush (# 6 on the contour palette) over the contours I made and the apples of my cheeks....
and Voila! pseudo photoshop! haha

So there you have it.... Thats how I conceal my flaws and even out my uneven skintone. lol I wish I could get better pictures for you guys but it's dark out right now and my lighting is terrible!
I feel pretty liberated because of posting pictures without makeup on. I kind of liked it actually, it was fun! It also wasn't as hard as I thought it would be to actually click the publish button. :)

I hope everyone out there feels beautiful, inside and out, no matter what you look like, what you wear, what color you are, whatever you think your flaws are... just remember if I have the balls enough to do this (and believe me when I say I am SUPER INSECURE with no makeup) then you can too. Maybe everyone should do a post like this! It will be like when everyone burned their bras! Haha !

Stay Beautiful 
- Always -

<3 DianaMarie
*blows glitter kisses*

o yea, here are the charts! haha

Thursday, February 16, 2012

MASSIVE swatch/review! Lots of PICS!! 28 pigments from Jesse's Girl Cosmetics!! yay!

Hey Pretties!!!!

So, the other day I mentioned a company called Jesse's Girl Cosmetics in this post *MORE* Revlon Lip Butter Swatches! & Jesses Girl Cosmetics SWATCH!. As far as I can tell they are pretty much exclusive to Rite-Aid. I never go to Rite-Aid because I'm never near one but the other night I was and I'm so glad! These pigments are AMAZING for the price! $3.99USD in Rite-Aid and $4.99USD on there website JGC. I bought 2 in the store because I didn't have a ton of money on me, so when I went home I went to the site and bought the entire collection of all 28 pigments. I have stated before I have an unhealthy obsession with pigments and this did not help lol. The 28 pigments cost I think $92.50?USD, and the shipping was free. Shipping is free on orders $20.00USD or more, which is pretty good because usually it's a lot more to get free shipping. I know that $90 is a lot of money, but you get 28 pigments and they are HUGE.. like 2.5 grams. So I didn't complain much lol. They came really fast too! I ordered them on a Friday and got them on the following Wednesday! It was a nice little surprise at my door because I wasn't expecting them until almost Friday or Monday! :) Soooo anyways on to SWATCHESSSS!!! i'm gonna try to go in rainbow order, and the left is dry and the right is with e.l.f primer. Enjoy!

                                                                   "Rouge Flambie"
I don't know why it's spelled like that lol I don't know how to say it but regardless, this color is awesome! It's a shimmery brick red with a slight pink tone to it! This would be a great lip color too!
This one looks like "Rouge Flambie" in the picture but it's definitely different. Its more pink and its a little more shimmery and realllyy soft and pretty, it's a little but finer too so I think it's more easily blended. LOVE
                                                                            "Sparkle Red"
This one is really nice! Its a super shimmery pink with gold sparkles throughout. The bad thing tho, as with most of the super glittery pigments, is that the glitter can feel a little rough but thats about it! Its' super pigmented and easily blended, it's also really bright! It's super cute!! I also have 2 of these because this is one of the two i purchased before I decided to get the entire collection!
"Fruit Punch"
This bright pink pigment is a little more matte than the others, although there a couple matte ones, it's really soft almost creamy feeling. I love this one I tried it out as a blush earlier and it looks cute with that too!

"Pink Glitz"
This is almost bubblegum pink with a lot of silverish glitter! So cute as a highlight!! Again, the heavy glitter makes it a little gritty but other than that this color is great!

This is a gorgeous light pink, it's almost white and it's really shimmery! Love this for a highlight and a lid color, it's really smooth and really easy to blend!

                                                                          "Sunset BLVD"
This shade is AWESOME! kinda like a rose gold, but super shiny and shimmery! It's kinda natural so I think it would be nice as a crease shade!
                                                                          "Penny Arcade"
 Omg! This is one of my favorites. It looks like a shiny new penny and SUPER glittery! I LOVE THIS! Its like holyfuggingshitomg AMAZING lol. If your going to get any of these pigments I totally recommed this as Top 5! Awesome as a liner too!
"Indian Summer"
A little more pink than Sunset BLVD and way more shimmery, this is amazing! Copper/Gold undertones on a pink base=PERFECTION. Kinda reminds of M.A.C Deck Chair, which I can't find anywhere so I am so happy I found this one!

Peachy copper describes this one pretty well, really shimmery and so freaken pretty I can't take it! LOVE LOVE LOVE!
                                                                            "Sparkle Gold"
Even though this one says gold it's really more of a yellow but it's really pretty! Heavy gold sparkles in it, so it;s a little gritty but a little primer goes along way!
                                                                              "Key Lime"
Light green/lime color, lots of shimmer, and has a little bit of a gold reflect so in certain light it's almost a duochrome but not quite!
                                                                            "Sunlit Cactus"
This is a really nice duochrome, it has a copper base and it's really shimmery, but theres a pretty lime green shift. ugh love this!
                                                                            "Majestic Green"
This is an emerald green, with tiny little silver shimmers in it, I'm a green eye shadow fanatic so this suites my collection really nicely!
                                                                            "Antique Green"
This is amazing! It's a black based green that kinda reminds me of a peacock! It also reminds me of Detrivore Cosmetics Plague. Although I much prefer Detrivore to these but this is a really great color to add to my greens! This would look cool for a funky take on a smoky eye!
"Baby Blues"
This is like the lightest blue I have ever seen, in the picture it looks more blue than it actually is. In person it's more of a silvery gray, but so pretty! Its has a gorgeous shimmer and is really pigmented, and it has a little frost to it so I love it for a highlight!
                                                                          "Trouble Maker"
This is the other double I have, and I'm so ok with that because its AWESOME! The picture doesn't do it justice! It's like a peacock blue with this really awesome gold reflect but it has a little more of a teal tone to it so its not a true blue like the one under this one.
                                                                               "Mardi Gras"
This one is so blue it's crazy! The color saturation is unreal! I haven't seen a blue this awesome in a long time! It's so effing bright, that swatch is 1 swipe with a brush over primer. It has a little bit of gold in it too. LOVE
                                                                            "Blue Moon"
This one is a darker blue with glitter in it, I'm not a huge fan of this one only because it's a little patchy. You can kind of see it in the picture it doesn't blend evenly and it's probably because of all the glitter in it.
                                                                            "Black Star Blue"
This one seems to be "Antique Greens" blue counter part. It's a nice black based navy that reminds me a little of Detrivore's Smog. Again I prefer Detrivore, hers are more pigmented in 1 swipe than this one is 2 swipes. But regardless this one is a nice alternative to using black all the time!
                                                                             "Hi-Ho Silver"
This is a little more gray than silver but this would look amazing with a smoky eye in any color! It's shimmery and blends really nicely!
                                                                              "Ultra Violet"
This purple is soooo cute! It almost does look like a blacklight! It has a blue reflect and goes on really smooth! This would be awesome as a liner!
This is a pink based purple with a blue reflect. yummyyyy. It feels so creamy in the jar I love it!
                                                                            "Cafe Au Lait"
I LOVE THIS PIGMENT! It's a creamy tan-brown with a hint of peach and so natural looking, but still really shimmery! I feel like this might be my go-to shimmer for summer!!!
                                                                                 "Pixie Dust"
This is a white base with tiny gold flecks everywhere! Amazing highlight color! It really does look like something that would come out of Tinker Bells wand! yay for tink!
                                                                                  "Star Shine"
This is really white and sparkly, but has a TON of shimmer to it. In person it looks like white silk. Its beautiful! Again, an amazing highlight! I wish I had this when I did the black and white showcase for Never Too Much Sparkle! it would have been PERFECT!
                                                                              "Kiwi Rose"
K, so these last 2 colors almost gave me a damn heart attack when I opened them. I have been looking for these my entire life lol. I know you can't see what I'm talking about because my camera sucks but this is a white based duochrome that flashes LIME FREAKIN' GREEN. yea I said it. LIME FREAKIN" GREEN. and just in case you didn't believe me I did the LOTD with it . ah-maze-ballz. 'nuff said :)
"Secret Weapon"
This is the same as the one above except it is a white based blue duochrome. It's un believeable. I love this. I can't even explain how gorgeous this is. ugh.. :)

K im gonna get a little pic happy using with this one so bear with me <3
This was done using "Kiwi Rose" on my lid and inner corner and "Pixie Dust" on my browbone!yay

<--*-drooling over color*
*i took those with all that flash just so you could see the color.*

*thats how i really look haha!*

Sorry for the insane long post! I got excited haha!
See ya tomorrow!

*blows glitter kisses*