Saturday, February 4, 2012

Revlon Lip Butter Swatch! I only have 2 but I'm so addicted!

Hey Beautiful Girls!

So, thanks to all the wonderful enabling from the Facebook group Never Too Much Sparkle!, I caved and bought 2 "Revlon Lip Butters". Love you girls! Lol. This is coming from a person and MUA who does NOT own a lipstick or gloss or anything in a tube or pot of any kind. I, personally, can never find a lippy that isn't greasy or sticky or anything. This is not because the product is bad or anything, I am just picky lol. I do own the Bh Cosmetics 66 lip palette, but I felt it was time I work off of something different. So I decided to get some because everyone is raving about them, and I can see why! There SO smooth and silky, not sticky or goopy or drying or ANYTHING you hate in a lippy. There really awesome and the colors build really nice so if you don't want it to be dark it doesn't have to be, but they can also be super vibrant! I like them alot. There was a sale of BOGO and  I got "Cherry Tart" because when I do wear a lippy, it is 99% almost always red. I also got "Creme Brulee" because I have a hard time finding a nude that doesnt make me look dead as I happen to be incredibly pale skinned. (and I was hungry and the name was yummy lol). On to SWATCHESSSS!!!.....

* this packaging is super duper cute btw!*
"cherry tart" on the bottom and "creme brulee" on top
this is only 1 swipe and there pretty vibrant already

*Sorry if my pics are weird, it's nighttime and I don't have amazing lighting, I'm just trying to get the best pics of these so my angles may look strange!*
This is "Cherry Tart", Love this because its smooth and glossy without being sticky or drying. This is not a lot of product, but you can see how pigmented they are. When its applied lightly it is a really pretty almost berry red, but when layered heavily it's a beautiful vibrant deep red. Really Nice!

This is  "Creme Brulee". I wasn't totally excited about this one when I bought it, but now that I've been wearing it I love it. It's a really nice nude with a slight pink tone to it. Very slight. It was really nice next to my pale skin, and I'm sure it would be gorgeous on someone with a darker skin tone as well! 
You can see a little pink here, it also has a peach tone. In the tube it doesn't look as complex as it is, but it's really beautiful. The only thing about this one, like with all nudes, if you put on too much it may look like your wearing foundation on your lips. This is my experience so I can't speak for other people, but on me I find it can look that way, so a light coat works great for me.

All in all these are great and I definitely want to get more! I want to try "CupCake" and "Lollipop", hopefully when I can go back CVS will have them because apparently these little pretties sell out fast!

Just a quick little side note I have to show you guys my new mani cause I'm InLove!!!

again, weird hand position but ehh... lol

This is using Spoiled Nail Polish in "Pick Your Poison" as a base coat and Spoiled Nail Polish in "Ants  In My Pants" as a top coat. "Pick Your Poison" is a super pretty blood red with a slight raspberry tone and a little bit of tiny shimmers. I reviewed "Ants In My Pants" in this blog entry Review and Swatch of Spoiled Polish from CVS!!!!!, but its a black jelly base loaded with pretty red hex glitter and tiny red glitters! AWESOME COLOR! Spoiled Nail Polish "X-Ray Vision" (clear coat) and Sinful Colors "No Bite" as my top coat and I'm good to go! Yay for pretties! And I haven't bitten my nails in 3 days! Yay Me! I really like this for Valentine's Day!

K, So that's my post for the day! Hope you like it! Have a good night everyone and I'll be back tomorrow with more pretty things!

*blows glitter kisses*


  1. Omg I want Ants in my Pants so bad (wait a minute-that doesnt sound right lol)...that shade has been sold out at every CVS Ive been to...

    Btw LOVE the blog-the name alone kills me!

    1. hahah everyone loves a makeupwhore!!!! Ants in my pants is FAB! thanks for checkin it out!!!!