Sunday, February 19, 2012


Hey Ladies!

Today I want to talk about a couple things, not crazy in depth because I ramble. A LOT. Sooo a quick summary of what this post is going to be about :

1) I decided to do a concealer/foundation/full coverage tutorial because my skin is definitely not as flawless as it sometimes looks. I just happen to be really good at covering stuff lol

2) I am posting a pic of me without any makeup on. NONE. I'm scared to do this because I'm not comfortable without makeup, but I feel like we should all be comfortable with ourselves regardless of what we look like. This is something that I myself am coming to terms with and maybe this will help me and others to realize that EVERYONE is beautiful, inside and out regardless of what we put on our faces, or lack there of. Please be kind lol

So the other day on Never Too Much Sparkle!, the Facebook group I'm in, I saw a conversation about too much airbrushing on photos. I myself do not airbrush my photos because honestly I don't know how. Lol. But I don't think I would anyway because I'm pretty good at making my skin look good and even. So Aranza of A Touch of Glamour and I got into a conversation how I do concealer. So for her I'm doing a concealer tutorial. Thanks for the inspiration! So first off, before I chicken out and don't post these pics they are

                                         yes people, I only have half eye brows hahah
here I am. Under eye circles, freckles, weird redness lol and equally strange non sexy faces. BAM
n wtf is up with hair. :x meh
...yea thats not awkward lol...
So now I'll do a few pictures of the steps I go through,
These are all the things I use to get a flawless face

*Also please refer to my palette pictures I post them below to the tutorial, and the numbers will go next to the product I am using
Step 1
Get your face nice and clean, I usually prep my face with Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel

Step 2
Take your color concealer and cover any blemishes you want. I use yellow and green concealer as well , # 6 green concealer for the redness in my face and # 2 yellow for under eye circles, and #'s 7 & 12 flesh tones for covering freckles and evening my skin tone. 
So basically I start with this-
eeeeek haha dont mind the hairssss
and I end up with this

Step 3
I use liquid foundation, I always have so if you use any powders or mineral makeup instead skip this step. But I put whatever liquid I use all over, CoverGirl Clean Makeup Normal Skin
So you get this

Step 4
Then I contour #5 and highlight #'s 1 & 2 , I contour my cheek bones and just highlight my nose and under eyes, and then I add my brows.
So I get this

Step 5
I add my bronzer (NYC Sun N Bronze in Hamptons Radiance) all over my face and My blush (# 6 on the contour palette) over the contours I made and the apples of my cheeks....
and Voila! pseudo photoshop! haha

So there you have it.... Thats how I conceal my flaws and even out my uneven skintone. lol I wish I could get better pictures for you guys but it's dark out right now and my lighting is terrible!
I feel pretty liberated because of posting pictures without makeup on. I kind of liked it actually, it was fun! It also wasn't as hard as I thought it would be to actually click the publish button. :)

I hope everyone out there feels beautiful, inside and out, no matter what you look like, what you wear, what color you are, whatever you think your flaws are... just remember if I have the balls enough to do this (and believe me when I say I am SUPER INSECURE with no makeup) then you can too. Maybe everyone should do a post like this! It will be like when everyone burned their bras! Haha !

Stay Beautiful 
- Always -

<3 DianaMarie
*blows glitter kisses*

o yea, here are the charts! haha


  1. You are SO beautiful with or without makeup! Rock on for posting your nekkid face; I admit I wouldn't have the courage (plus I don't wanna blind my readers lol)...this concealor tutorial is awesome btw. I'm gotta get those palettes! I've had them sitting on my Coastal Scents wishlist forever. Now after reading this, I think I'll finally click the order button...

    1. #1 your gorgeous and i would love to see the nekkid face
      #2 the palettes are PHENOMENAL
      #3 thank you for the compliments!


  2. It's a really nice tutorial, even though pictures are a bit dark to see the details!

    I think with this one can get the perfect-like skin :D

    I admire you to put your bare (and beautiful) face on internet, I don't even wanna put mine with make up on, that's why I always show only eyes...

    1. thank you so much! i know the pics are dark i tried to get better ones but my lighting is horrible and i dont know how to fix the pics.... ;( put the bare face on!!!!!! im sure its gorgeous!!!

  3. You still look stunning without makeup! Beauty definitely comes from within, makeup is just an added plus!

    Great tutorial! So did I miss where the palettes came from? Are they Coastal Scents?

  4. Awesome post. That's very brave of you. I don't know if I would have the guts to post my pre-makeup skin. I need to get one of those concealer pallets like you have. Great job. Your skin always looks flawless in your posts.

    1. Thank you so much!!!! I feel brave considering i do not open my front door without a full face on lol.... i apparently grew balls in like.. 5 mins lol thanks so much! and the concealer palette is coastal you can see i need another <3

  5. thank you for your post! Its amazing what makeup can do and nice to see how you can transform from innocent girl next door to supermodel!

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you. OMG, you are so pretty, even without makeup :) Now i need that concealer palette. Oh and yep, I was going about it differently. I guess i really need to color correct. Awesome post thank you for doing this tutorial :D

    1. hey love! your welcome :) inspired by you of course! That palette is my LIFE and there like 14.99 on amazon i just ordered 4 more because i need them for photoshoots too. For me color correction is key, the whole thing about concealer is layering, but if its done right it wont look cakey, basically just color correct cover with a foundation and then smooth it all out with your powders! works evrytime!!!