Sunday, February 12, 2012

*MORE* Revlon LIp Butter Swatches! & Jesses Girl Cosmetics SWATCH!

Hey Beautiful Ladiezzzz!!!!!

K, so because every one of you are evil enablers (lol) I found myself in a Rite-Aid and did a mini haul! I got 4 new Revlon Lip Butters and 2 pigments from Jesse's Girl Cosmetics (omfg ah-mazing). In the Lip Butters I chose "Sugar Frosting"," Creamsicle", "Berry Smoothie", and "Red Velvet". I'm so addicted I kinda need all of them now. (ugh not good for wallet)

                                                (left to right) "Red Velvet & Berry Smoothie"
"Red Velvet" is TOO DIE FOR. Seriously, I feel like this one doesn't get enough credit or enough praise, it is gorgeous and sooo pigmented. I am a total lover of dark brick reds, this is amazing because its not so much like a lipstick that its matte or too heavy, its glossy and has just the right amount of pigmentation. OBSESSED. 
5 out of 5
"Berry Smoothie" is so feminine and pretty. I love this one. Its a gorgeous pinky red with a shimmer too it, it's perfect for day or night. This is only like 2 wipes, but the color definitely builds and becomes a gorgeous deep violet red. Love Love Love! It also kinda has a natural lip tone to it, almost rosy so when it's applied lightly it looks sooo natural.
5 out of 5

(left to right) "Creamsicle & Sugar Frosting"

"Sugar Frosting" is a pale pink. Almost nude, but not quite. It's super cute and looks great on fair skin like mine! It doesn't wash me out (which I love cause everything washes me out) and It has a cute shimmer to it. It takes a little more effort for the color to build on this one because it's pretty sheer, but it's so worth it!
5 our of 5

"Creamsicle" is almost the same as "Sugar Frosting" except It's an orange peachy tone. It's the same sheerness and shimmer, it's so cute! i love this! It's really natural too, not too orange but not too nude either. I was never a nude lippy person, I always gravitate towards bright reds or darker lips, or no lippy  at all, but these totally change my mind. I love all the nudes in this collection, I also have "Creme Brulee" and they are all gorgeous!
5 out of 5

I mean how could I not rate them 5/5 lol They are all amazing and the colors are so complex and beautiful, this kind of lippy can't be beat! LOVE them!

Now, while i was at Rite-Aid drooling over these lippys, I came across a brand I have never heard of before, Jesse's Girl Cosmetics. I was like ehhh when I saw only palettes and single pan eye shadows because I have an unhealthy obsession with pigments, but then this magical little display practically smacked me in the face because I almost walked right past it. And thank god it did, because there they were, 28 pretty little piggies screaming my name! OMFG ! The quality of these pigments for only $3.99USD is unbelieveable! I only grabbed 2 because I only had cash on me but when you see the swatches you'll understand why I teared up when I couldn't buy the whole display lol.

Oh yea, sorry that my camera makes everything backwards, but the label says Jesse's Girl on it. :)
drooling yet? Oh it gets way better.....


They are sooo pretty! The colors are "Trouble Maker" (turquoise) and "Sparkle Red" (pinky-red)
"Trouble Maker" is a blue green with a gold flash. Its gorgeous. "Sparkle Red" is a deep hot pink with a red tone to and and its jam-packed with gold glitter. 
 The glitter isn't showing on my camera, but it's definitely there in person... they are to die for.
*love how "Trouble Maker" matches my mani! lol*

For $3.99USD these pigments are so worth it! Its 2.5 grams of shadow which is a huge amount! I went on there website last night just to check it out and I was a verrrrryyyy bad girl. Shhhhhhh! I ordered the entire collection. x) All 28 piggies. I'll have dupes of these but I love them so I don't care. They had the whole collection for I think like $90.00USD, but ehhh it's my bday in a month so happy early bday to me. :) The shipping was free over 20.00 which is sooooo worth it and very fair. They ship in 2 business days, which would be tomorrow so I expect them by like friday! And trust me girls 

I wanna show you guys my mani because it's adorable and my nails are growinnggg!
                                              *look at my ring finger it's getting so long!!!*

This is using Spoiled Polish "Pet my Peacock"(glitter) and "Distant Memory". Love this, and I haven't bit my nails in over a week! I take Biotin too so they're growing like weeds! I can't wait till they are super long because I'm gonna buy stamping plates and see what magic I can work on them!

Hope you all like my swatch/review! I recently got my order from Detrivore Cosmetics so I'm going to do a swatch tomorrow because there all so pretty!

*blows glitter kisses*


  1. go on and get like 4 more of the butters!

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    1. thanks so much! i like your blog too! now following!

  3. I'm going to have to pick up some of those lip butters! Red Velvet is awesome! And I'm loving Sugar Frosting on you!

    1. Thanks so much! seriously go get some! they are amazing! <3