Monday, February 13, 2012

Swatch/Review of Detrivore Cosmetics!!!!!!! yay :)

Hey Girls!

I am pretty new to the blogging world, I started blogging after I joined the Facebook group Never Too Much Sparkle!, I noticed almost everyone on there had a blog and I decided I should try. I'm so happy I did because I love it and the group, as well as blogging, introduced me into a world on indie cosmetics I honestly had no idea existed. I slowly became *addicted to indie* and now am madly building my collection. One of the companies I noticed had amazing reviews was Detrivore Cosmetics. After looking through the website and asking which colors were great I decided to add them to my stash! Distorria (the owner of Detrivore) was offering a sale of 10 5g pigments for 20.00USD. If thats not an amazing sale considering the price of commercial companies then I don't know what is! I ordered on January 18th and recieved my order February 10th! Not bad at all I'm just an impatient pain the ass so I stalked my mailman for like 2 weeks lol. Being from NY and living on Long Island anything more than 10 mins is way too long for me haha. :) They came secure in a bubble mailer in 2 plastic baggies with 6 pigments in one bag and 4 in the other along with 2 samples! yay! 
The thing I LOVE about Detrivore is that it's is a totally morbid company with a love for all things grotesque and normally deemed "weird". Which for me, was why I bought from them. With names like *Livor Mortis* and *Plague* how could I not! I'm probably the only one in my family who knows what livor mortis is haha. Aside from the macabre names and giant stag beetle logo everywhere the quality and beauty of these pigments is unreal. SOOOOO I'll cut it short before I bore you all to death with rambling...On to SWATCHESSSSS!

                                                                  *yay for piggies*
                                                                        ! yummy!
Because my camera is a jerk it captures everything backwards but the names are:
Top Row L-R: "Smog","Plague", "Amazon","Brine", "Broken Glass"
Bottom Row L-R: "Beetle","Cremaines","Sacred", "Livor Mortis","Bruise"
               On the left is "Smog" wet and dry (left-right) and "Cremaines" wet and dry (left-right)
"Smog" is a really deep almost matte navy blue, its beautiful for a nice dark smoky eye! "Cremaines" is a really dark silver-gray color that has a gorgeous shimmer! It's super sparkly and also amazing for a smoky eye! Love them!

                       Left is "Plague" wet and dry and the right is "Livor Mortis" wet and dry.
Aside from the great reviews about Detrivore these 2 colors are the reason I bought from them. They are GORGEOUS. "Plague  is a deep shimmer green with a black base and "Livor Mortis" is a cranberry red mixed with violet. They are both amazing, and my 100% favorites from the bunch I have.

Left is "Sacred" wet/dry and right is "Amazon" wet/dry
Sacred is really beautiful, it's a dark violet with an amazing shimmer/sheen to it. It would be an awesome all over color, smokey eye or even a liner! "Amazon" is a really pretty lighter green and it has a gorgeous sparkle to it!

Left is "Brine" wet/dry and right is "Broken Glass" wet/dry
"Brine is AWESOME. Its a turquoise thats almost matte but it has a slight shimmer to it. Awesome as a liner, I'm gonna try that soon. "Broken Glass" is a gorgeous mica glitter, it's not really a powder, I feel like it has more glitter than powder. It's amazing in natural light, it really looks like broken glass but super glittery!

Left is "Beetle" wet/dry and right is "Bruise" wet/dry
"Beetle" is black pigment with pretty silver shimmers in it. I LOVE THIS. I can't get enough of black eyeshadow and this one is AMAZING. This would be great as a liner too and the little glitters show up really pretty on the eye. On the right is "Bruise" which looks like color of, well, a bruise! It's so cool and such a unique color! I myself haven't really seen another color like it and I really love it. It kinda has a little bit of a blue flash to it that you can kind of see in the picture! LOVE*

Distorria also sent me 2 samples from her Graveyard Collection. Left is "Sarcophagus" wet/dry and "Mortician" wet dry. These are both matte and there really great! I like "Mortician" as a liner and "Sarcophagus" would be an awesome crease color!!!

Detrivore gets 5 stars! They're awesome! The colors are amazing and for $4.00USD for a full size jar it's a STEAL for great quality pigments! I'm so ordering more if my husband doesnt try to kill for spending billions on makeup! lol

So my LOTD is ......

I used "Livor Mortis" and "Broken Glass" on my inner corner and lid, "Sacred" and "Beetle" on my outer corner, and then a little bit of "Broken Glass" on my brow bone. 
Love this !

Hope you all liked my swatch/review! Be back tomorrow with some more pretty things!!!!

*blows glitter kisses*

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  1. Detrivore is awesome! So glad you are getting into indie! Love the look!