Monday, January 30, 2012

Review and Swatch of Spoiled Polish from CVS!!!!!

Hey Everyone!!! <3

In my travels yesterday, I wound up in CVS and walked past a new display of Wet 'n' Wild New Spoiled Polish, and almost fell over dead!!! I'm officially obsessed with all these polishes. They are absolutely GORGEOUS! ( if not for a few x-rated names :x) lol. So while my poor husband was in the car with the kids and I was drooling glitter all over the display, I grabbed 3 hex confetti glitters that caught my eye. (I am going back tomorrow to grab some without glitter). I chose, "Pet My Peacock", "Shuffle The Deck", and "Ants In The Pants". Reasonably priced at only $1.99USD I should have bought more but i was in a rush and didn't have much time. So now, on to my SWATCHESSS!

Ants in the Pants, Shuffle the Deck, Pet my Peacock.
The bottles are so cute and they hold a ton of product, and these are so packed with glitter its unbelieveable!
*please forgive the terrible nails, I just had acrylics taken off because I'm trying to grow them*:(

This is "Ants in The Pants". It has a black jelly base, which I personally REALLY like because im a black polish nut! Now, let the drooling begin, see all that gorgeous red hex glitter and all those little teeny glitters? That was done in 2 swipes! I know my nail it very small so maybe that made a difference, but I'm totally happy with the huge about that came off the brush! I love this one i think it would look great over black, gunmetal and even white!
This is "Shuffle The Deck". Let me just give a great BIG hug to the glitter gods for this one. Red and silver hex, and tiny black glitters. *faints*. It has a huge amount of glitter in a clear jelly like base, and again this is 2 swipes! yay for "Shuffle the Deck", this is will look AMAZING over pretty much anything!
This gorgeous bit of glittery goodness is "Pet my Peacock". *dies*. This has a beautiful array of different hex glitters such as; teal,purple,blue,gold and silver. With a clear jelly base and insane amounts of glitter and color its simply beautiful and really easy to work with. This is also 2 swipes! 

Love Love Love these polishes! I really don't have anything bad to say about them, the only issue that I found is the formula can be a little thick and the brush is a little bit wide for me also. This is probably because right now I have really short stubby nails, so everyone else may be ok with there experience with them. For the price and the convenience of a drugstore visit, i give these a 5 out of 5! My fav is "Shuffle The Deck", although that was a pretty tough choice because I love them all! My next buy is hopefully going to be "I'm So Jaded", a vibrant neon green! Hopefully they have it!!!

Hope you enjoyed my first swatch/review! I'm new to this so I hope I did a good job for all of you! Feedback is welcome and appreciated!!!!

See you tomorrow! *blows glitter kisses*


  1. ooo these look awesome! I wish I could have more fun with nailpolish, I used to love painting my nails when I was young but I'm a biter so my nails are short and stubby too :( I'm trying to grow them out but it's a long and frustrating process lol. I love the colors in the Peacock one (not even gonna say the name lol) I should check these out and tell my sister, she's really into mani stuff right now :)

  2. I'm on the hunt for these, especially Shuffle the Deck. So far all of the stores around me are sold out. :(
    Congrats on starting your blog. It's a lot of fun. Come visit me too. ;)

  3. i did and your blog is AWESOME! shuffle the deck is INSANE im going today hha i was gonna go tomorrow but i cant wait haha so there may be another review tonight!