Sunday, January 29, 2012

first everrrr!!!!!!!!!!

omg!!! first blog ever and im so excited you all have No idea!!!! suggestions and tips are sooo welcome as i am incredibly new to this! BUT i looooove and liiiiveee for makeup and anything sparkle! im gonna start doing swatches and reviews very soon because thats what im mostly interested in doing....

anyway my name is Diana and ive been obsessed with makeup since i realized it existed! like any little girl i put on my moms makeup and couldnt wait to have my own. my mother was not very makeup *concious*...(ill be nice lol) meaning she didnt know how to apply it or play with it and she definitley didnt care about it. so when i was finally allowed to wear it daily *probably age 14* i went totally crazy and dove in head first.. and now im addicted. i am a free lance makeup artist in NY, and i am so passionate about color and finding new ways to be creative...

im gonna keep it short for now because its late and im exhausted! but ill be back tomorrow and i think i may even have new things to swatch!
night night fellow makeupwhores! love itttt

*also i wanna shout out to the facebook group Never Too Much Sparkle and wendi girvin and everyone else who inspired me to blog in the first place, and who is CONSTANTLY inspiring me with there beautiful new and exciting makeup looks everydayyy!!!!!!!
*squeeeeeeeeee <3*


  1. Yay! I love your looks, you're always posting pics! You inspire me too! Haha my mom was the same, she was an Avon rep and I used to love playing in the samples she had around the house, but she wasn't really a big makeup-wearer. It definitely shaped my love of makeup though, that's for sure! :)

  2. Please take this as constructive criticism, not meanness. I feel that writing without proper capitalization and creative spelling gives off a bit of an immature vibe. I just think it is easier for a complete stranger to take something seriously if the writing is a little bit more formal, even if it is a blog for fun.

    I love the looks you post on NTMS but I don't think I'd be able to read your blog regularly if all of the posts are going to be written like this. It is YOUR blog and if this is your personal writing style you obviously don't have to change anything just because some person doesn't like it. Just a bit of food for thought.

  3. i intend to write with more punctuation it was just that last night i did this all in a hurry so it kinda just came out that way lol thank you tho

  4. Welcome to the blogging stuff!!!!