Tuesday, January 31, 2012

NTMS Showcase BlixMoonMaiden Remix!!! yay!

Hey Pretty Ladies!!!!!

I currently belong to the group Never Too Much Sparkle! Which is where I know most of you guys from! The showcase this week was : Blix Remix!. Basically this was remix a look you love by the EVER stunning Blix MoonMaiden! She is actually the reason I found and joined NTMS!. I googled a makeup look for an idea i had and her image popped up, saw she had a blog and I've followed it ever since! So the  showcase this time was "Blix Remix", which meant remix a look created by Blix MoonMaiden. I was sooo excited about this showcase, I love her looks and style! So i decided to remix a look by her from December 30th 2010, Gold, Olive, Teal, Blue & Chartreuse Glitter Makeup look/Tutorial with Morgana Cryptoria. This look is absolutely insane and I am totally obsessed. I would have done it earlier in the week but I've been so busy I almost forgot and literally did it 20 mins ago...lol... So heres the pictures of my remix, excuse the low lighting it's dark out right now and I only have yellow lights, so the colors don't show up as vibrant as they actually are. Hope you all like it! I tried! 

loving her use of color!
I wish lighting was better, it looks AMAZING in person! I had so much fun recreating her look, I know it was a "remix" but I felt her work was so beautiful I didn't want to spoil it by changing it! Hope you all think I did a good job remixing Blix's looks! She's a tough one to beat!

I'll be back tomorrow with another review/swatch! 
Stay Beautiful and Glittery!!!!
<3 DianaMarie
*blows glitter kisses*

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  1. Love how this look turned out! You did a great job recreating one of Blix's looks!