Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Spoiled Polish Review and Sinful Colors No Bite Review!

Hello lovelies!!!

So in spite of me getting 3 new Spoiled Polishes 2 days ago, I went back. ;) and got 6 more! Why?, because sadly I am a MakeupWhore haha. I also ended up in Walgreens and picked up Sinful Colors "No Bite". I am a horrible nail biter, I always have been since I can remember. I've always been super jealous of women who don't bite and don't have to get tips put on, So now maybe the biting will end and this stuff will work, I hope :).

I had such a hard time choosing colors yesterday, I think I was in CVS for almost an hour lol. I ended up picking 6 totally random ones, although I wish I would have grabbed this beautiful yellow shade, I find a good yellow polish is so hard to come by especially one that doesn't make your nails look like they have fungus lol, but I thought maybe it would look weird because I'm so pale. *glitter tears of regret* I guess that's an excuse to go back! Hahaha So on to the SWATCHESSSS.....

*left to right*
"X-Ray Vision, Lox-y Lady, Jail Bait, I'm So Jaded, I'm Ba-Roque, Jewelry Heist, No Bite"

Drooling over that green? Yea me too. :) 
K, so first one is "nX-Ray Vision" which is the clear one. Thats pretty much all it is. Clear. Formula is jelly like, just like all the other polishes I have, and I would have a picture but my daughter *borrowed* that one. *narrows eyes*.  If it's found I'll upload a pic. 4 out of 5 because now i can't find it. haha

This is "Lox-y Lady". This picture does not do it any justice. In the bottle and on my finger it's this beautiful salmon pink with a soft matte finish. It's amazing, and I have really pale skin with olive-y undertones and I find it hard to find a pink that doesn't make my finger tips look bloody, but this one is perfect for me. (and other fair-skinned people as well) its a little bit thinner than its glittery cousins in the collection but I love the smoothness of it. This was *1* coat and it is pretty much opaque! Love this one! Especially for summer it would be awesome with a tan! 
5 out of 5!!

This is "Jail Bait". Again, this picture does it no justice at all. It makes it look dark orange, and its not at all. It's one of the most gorgeous oranges I've ever come across. It's the most vibrant, most saturated color orange and I love it. Its neon without being too neon. Again I am fair and usually neons make me look weird and I'm not comfortable wearing them, but I would almost prefer this to my regular black or wine colored polishes! Honestly, it puts a little color in my skin where i have none lol. It's smooth and satiny going on, with a matte finish and being so vibrant, its definitely drool worthy! This is *1* coat and its completely opaque! Please don't mind the little dent in there lol I hit my finger with my phone as I was taking the picture. :x 
Definitely 5 out of 5!

This is "I'm So Jaded". Does it even need an introduction? Holy **** Holy **** Holy ****. Seriously this color is UNREAL. Satin lime green with these tiny tiny little golden flecks. *die* Most perfect neon green i have ever seen. I haven't come across its' dupe yet, if there is one, but I've never seen a polish like this. EVER. In one coat it is completely opaque. I know the flash is bright on this one but you can kinda see the gold tone to it. It looks amazing on, as well as in the bottle. I could only imagine how gorgeous this will be in the summer sun.  LOVE LOVE LOVE this one.
 6 out of 5. That is not a typo lol!

This one is "I'm Ba-Roque". It's a beautiful bronzey shade with silvery flecks in it. No joke when i looked at it the first thing that came to mind was, "This would be an amazing eyeshadow color". So all my cosmetics makers out there I'm pleading with you, PLEASE MAKE THIS INTO A SHADOW. I love this shade. It's simple and understated with being unnoticeable. Beautiful shimmer and shine in a jelly like formula with easy application even on my short nails. But you may need 2 coats to be opaque, although this color builds really well, so the more coats the more beautiful it may look. 
5 out of 5!

This is "Jewelry Heist". Yummy glitter jam packed in to a thicker laquer. I literally can't even count the different colors of glitter in this one because there are so many. From what I can see there seems to be- pale pink, gold and blue. I'm thinking the rest are iridescent and thats why it looks like a million different colors. Seriously this polish is amazing. Over black or basically anything it will look gorgeous,  even if u wear it over bare nails it will look like you dipped your fingers in jewels. Love this. Can't say ANYTHING bad about it, this just be my new favorite out of all the glitters I have.
 6 out of 5. again, not a typo. :)

K, now onto Sinful Colors "No Bite". I don't know if this is new, I haven't seen it before and I have a ton of Sinful Colors, so I don't know. But, being obsessive compulsive and habitually biting my nails  for the past, oh I don't know, 24 years, I am constantly looking for something to make me quit. I'm going to be honest and say this might just be it. It's amber colored in the bottle but goes on clear, I put it on last night, forgot about it and started to bite and almost gagged. It tastes so bad it's not even funny. The worst thing i have ever tasted in my life. The real kicker is that I only TOUCHED my nail to my teeth and the taste overtook my tastebuds, and decided to hang out in my soft palette for about an hour. All I could taste was this awful crap for a long time. So if that doesn't make me stop then I don't know what will. I put in on under the swatches I just reviewed and I could still taste it. I can still taste it now and I'm shuddering at the thought of ever putting my fingers in my mouth. For $1.99USD it was well worth it lol. 
5 out of 5 for being disgusting and ridding me of my onychophagia :)

All in all the only thing I found that was bad was the wideness of the brush, as I said yesterday, but maybe if Sinful Colors "No Bite" works then the wide brush won't matter! 
Love this brand and love all the colors, and for $1.99USD you won't be disappointed!

Hope you enjoyed! I'll be back tomorrow with another swatch/review!

Byeeeeee! *blows glitter kisses*


  1. oooh, I like "I'm so Jaded". Did it stain your nails though? I always have a problem with green staining.

  2. nope! no staining at all! its amazingggg

  3. then again i put that ni bite base down so i dont know what it would do with no base :(