Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Hey ladieesss!

Holy shit i haven't been around in a looooong time! I am sooo sorry! I've been moving and trying to get comfortable where we are now and time got away from me! BUT I AM BACK!!

So I have been experimenting with my camera trying to make videos. I've kinda got the hang of it...*somewhat*. lol I figure the videos are a little easier to do when i get a quiet moment and its less time consuming than typing and uploading pictures. I want to start doing tutorials and I would love if you all gave me inspiration and feedback! If there is ANY look I have ever done that you all want to see or just ANY look you want me to do then please do not hesitate! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do it!

This is my first video and  I was just playing around with the camera so I had Jayla do a tutorial haha

And recently I had purchased products from One Hand Washes The Other (OHWTO) and i received them today, so I figured what an awesome excuse to do a second video!
Hope you Enjoy!

Thanks for watching!!! I'll be back soon for another review and some nail/makeup stuff!

*blows glitter kisses*