Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Polish Stash Pics!!!!!

Hey Girls!!!

I have been wanting to post pics of my polish stash for a while now! I know its not insanely HUGE like a lot of others, nor does it have a multitude of really expensive polish ( I can't justify 8 dollars on a polish I will most likely bite off in a few hours lol). It is a mish mash of drugstore buys over the years, just one China Glaze that I think I stole from my sis-in-law lol shhh. But none the less I am proud of my stash, and I hope to keep expanding it as time goes by. I stopped biting my nails a month ago so now I have even more fun playing with it because my nails don't look like absolute shit all the time, and I am happy to paint them. I also got a stamping set which I am dying to dive into. I have tried one design once or twice but I get frustrated when it doesn't work the first time and I give up (I have ZERO patience), but one day I am going to do it for real and post the looks! So here it is!!! :)

I keep everything in baby wipe containers- not very creative or cute I know but it works for me right now. lol no judging allowed lol

sorry these 2 are upside down I don't know what happened :(

92 in total. Not a huge amount but I love them all !!

This is one of my FAV sets, I don't have all of them but these are my favs out of the whole collection!

And these are my absolute favs I have worn so far this year!!

I know it's a short post, and I haven't posted in a while, but we're in the process of moving so I have been super busy! Sorry :( <3. I'll be back tomorrow with some awesome swatches of Moi Minerals!
Stay Tuned!

*blows glitter kisses*


  1. Love the rainbow order! Rainbow order is the best way to organize everything.

  2. all the lurvlies!!!! I totally hear you on the stamping set. I still haven't gotten the hand of it. I don't know how people get such cool stamps done!

  3. I love nail polish!! Great collection

  4. Nice collection!!

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