Thursday, March 15, 2012

*Polish Haul!!!*

hey hey!

BOREDOM + $$$ = DrugStore Hauls!!!
haha, so the hubby and I went out the a week ago for our birthdays (we're 2 days apart 3/9 and 3/11, but I'm 25 and he's 29) and after a drink or two (ok 4) I ended up in Walgreens and drunkenly bought 6 polishes. How I chose them I have no idea but apparently I'm not bad at coordinating colors inebriated haha. :) I don't have swatches yet on these but they will be coming in the next couple days!

They are all Sinful Colors and I love them!
                                                       "Green Ocean" and "Irish Green"
                                                This gonna be my St. Pattys Day Mani!!!
                                                       "Island Coral" and "Easy Going"
                        Island Coral is from the Cast Away Collection, I can't wait to wear it!!
"Cinderella" and "Zeus"

I can't wait to wear Cinderella it has tiny pink flecks in it, I love it!

I did a mani with Zeus and Green Ocean the other day, it reminds me of opal, it's gorgeous!
sorry about the mess! I was too excited to clean it up lol I had to take a pic right away!

K, hope you liked the colors I picked! I'll be back with another mani tomorrow!!!

*blows glitter kisses*


  1. You crack me up! Love all the polishes! I have Irish Green and Green Ocean on my toes right now. Be warned that Irish Green is very sheer. It took quite a few coats to build up the color! Love your mani with Green Ocean over Zeus!

    1. <333 i know i just opened u irish green and im a little disappointed but i think im going to try it over white or a lighter green and see what happens!! thx for reading!

  2. LOL. Me and my old roomate used to do drunken Wal-Mart shopping. I remember one time coming home with 50 little kids clothes hangers instead of big ones. I think I still have some of those around somewhere!
    Looks like you chose well though.