Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Goth-Themed NTMS Showcase!!!

Hey Everyone!

I am in a Facebook group called Never Too Much Sparkle!, and every week there is a themed showcase. I have been insanely busy and I haven't been able to do the last 2 challenges :x, so I decided I would tryh my hardest to do this weeks. and I did!!! The theme this week is a Goth theme, and I love it! Now while I admit I have worn black everyday of my life for the past like 20 years, I am not goth. But I love all things black, dark and alternative, so I was excited about this one. Soooo...... here it is! ENJOY!

dont mind my hair* idk wtf is going on with it it doesnt cooperate for shit! haha

 idk a good "goth" pose... so yeaaaa lol i tried!

going to bed because I am super sick, so hoped you enjoyed, I had alot of fun doing it and see you all soon!!!

*blows glitter kisses*

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