Friday, March 2, 2012

Yay Me! I gots a NEW TRAIN CASE! Pics!!!

Hey Pretties!

Let me start by saying, I am an obsessive compulsive pain in the ass. Seriously, I have a really bad case of OCD where everything has a place, and that is where it needs to be. If things magically disappear or end up where they shouldn't be, I fly into OMFG.WTF.PSYCHO.CRAZY.BITCH. I become this strange hybrid of Sissy Spacek in "Carrie" and Sally Field in "Sybil". It is definitely not pretty. So because I am a freelance MUA, I love me some train cases. Big Ones. Ones that hold every single piece of makeup I own. Ones that have a million places and slots to put things in. I had one, but it was the small kind with only like 6 trays to put things in and it was the BIGGEST Pain in the ass to use and lug around. It also broke because my lovely daughter stepped on the thing and the joints snapped. lol

So because my husband *loves me* lol (really he just doesn't wanna hear me bitch about it anymore) He said I could get one and that will be my birthday present. My birthday is March 11th, and I got the train case like 2 weeks ago, so obviously I will be getting more presents, little does he know. haha. So I found one on ebay for $131.00USD. I wasn't sure if it would be big enough, and I also wanted one for my personal makeup as well so I got a small one for $44.99USD as well. It purchased it on a Monday and it was delivered on the same Friday!!!! yay! The thing is freaken awesome and it fits everything! Its really sturdy and when its empty is super lightweight. Of course I own 600lbs of makeup so it's back breaking to lift when everything is in it, so thank god its on wheels. They had a few other cases that were different colors and patterns but black is my thing so of course I had to go with all black. My only issue is that on the bottom piece there is a fold out part that lets you slide the drawer in (I will show you in the pics) and when you try to close and lock it you have to realign it a little bit so the locks line up, but its nothing major. Now for the picturesss!!!

Thats the top piece with all the trays open, it holds a ton!

 This is what is under the top piece. It is a drawer and it sits on these small tracks so you can take it off and get to the very bottom which is in the next picture!
That is the bottom. It is so freakin huge that I don't have enough things to fill it with haha, and excuse the random shoe, I take flats with me everywhere I go lol.

You can see the tracks there for the drawer. The front folds down so you have easier access.  
This is my small piece. It is basically just an extra duplicate of the top that sits on the rolling case.

This case is awesome! It's super easy to roll around and hold sooo much stuff! I love this!

Gotta go, I'll be back tomorrow with a SWATCH/REVIEW!!!

*blows glitter kisses*


  1. That's awesome! Glad your husband let you get it :) you are going to be able to store so much stuff in that baby!