Monday, July 9, 2012

super cute wet n wild polish!

Hey Everyone!!!!

On on of my many trips to my local CVS,(where I only needed to get a toothbrush-yeah right.) I spotted this REALLY CUTE promo Wet N Wild had in their displays. It was an ADORABLE bucket of 7 different polishes, a nail file, toe separator and design stencils. It said the retail price was over 30.00 I think but this was only 9.99!!! I snatched it up because I was wanting to buy a few of the polishes that were in the bucket so I figure I'd just buy the whole thing!

The bucket came with a nail file and design stencils but my daughter seemed to have "borrowed" them. :x

The polishes that came with it are all from the Fast Dry line and the colors are :

How I Met Your Magenta- a creamy hot pink with a slight golden sheen to it. Orange- a gorgeous bright orange color loaded with gold sparks (#1 fav)
The Wonder Yellows- a shimmery bright yellow that  I have been dying to find!
Sage In The City- a leafy green with shimmer to it.
Teal Or No Teal- a really pretty shimmery teal, more blue than green
Fuchsia Rama- a nice solid fuchsia very similar to Spoiled by Wet n Wild's Kickin' The Habit.
Clear Coat- just a clear, a bit on the watery side but I prefer that.

It also came with a creamy white polish for nail design specifically, it has the skinny brush and it is called French White Creme. I am not sure if it is available in their regular line as it is a small bottle.

The nail file it came with was great until i lost it. :( I have found a picture of the toe separator, file and stencils. The pic is from the page of another blogger at I just wanted to show you all what they looked like.

The toe separator was too small for me but great for my daughter, and the stencils were cute! They were not very original but cute for a kid! I will show you swatches in future posts because I want to wear at least one of these a week until I go through them all!
Soooo in the mean time I'll give you some bottle shots!
                                       That small white one on the left is French White Creme.
left to right
Fuchsia Rama, Teal Or No Teal, Sage In The City, The Wonder Yellows, Orange, How I Met Your Magenta

I am DYINNGGG to try the yellow and orange. They looks soooo beautiful! I am also interested to find out how well they stamp because I have recently been getting into nail stamping!

Also, I wanted to let everyone know that I have been making nail polish rings! It's soo much fun and I am totally obsessed! I am selling them currently for 5.99USD plus 1.99 for shipping. I make them custom and they all can have stamps, glitter, and various nail art hearts stars etc.. If anyone is interested in them please email me @ All the rings in the following pictures are also for sale!

I have many different styles availalable that are already made and they are not limited to the pictures you see here. I would love for everyone to have a little something pretty!!!

                                                                   *blows glitter kisses*

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