Friday, August 3, 2012

NAIL MAILLL!!!!!!! Pic Heavy!!!

 OMG! you guys!

I am so excited! I open up my mail box today and got the best little surprise ever!

About a week ago I caved and ordered the entire China Glaze Bohemian Collection. Then a few days after I caved AGAIN and purchased the entire China Glaze Up and Away Collection as well as a bottle of For Audrey. I didn't expect them to arrive so quickly, but they did and I almost died when I saw all of them!!! The only issue I had was the seller from the Up and Away Collection was out of stock of "Peachy Keen" but I was not aware of this until the polish arrived. It's okay though, because they kindly refunded me for the missing polish and I ordered another one! I got these for an amazing deal that worked out to about $4.00USD for each polish instead of the usual $6.99USD. I have even seen China Glaze all the way up at $8.99USD, so I thought this was a great deal. Aside from that I only own 2 China Glaze polishes, I usually stick with drugstore brand and the two I own were gifts, so I figured this would be a nice start for China Glaze and now that I have seen these my collection will soon grow! LOL

So today I will only review the Bohemian Collection as I am waiting on the missing polish from the other collection, when I receive it I will review it. I know the Up and Away collection is a few years old but it is new to me and I think they're gorgeous colors no matter when they were originally launched.

Also, today I am just going to tell you about my perception of the colors from the bottle with the exception of "Rare and Radiant"which I am currently wearing. As I wear and swatch the whole collection I will dedicate a post to each color.

                                               The Bohemian Collection has 6 polishes:
                                    "Swanky Silk", "No Plain Jane", "Rare and Radiant",
                                "Unpredictable", "Deviantly Daring", "Want My Bawdy"

"Swanky Silk"

This is a gorgeous gold? I honestly cannot for the life of me explain what this color is. It is kinda of gold and a little bit nude but theres a gorgeous pink duo chrome as well. The duo chrome is very apparent in the bottle but from swatches I have see from other bloggers it doesn't look as apparent on the nail. I guess we will see when I put it on in a few days. 

"No Plain Jane"
(this was pretty much impossible to capture on camera im sorry) :(

This is a really beautiful violet? fuchsia color. It really hard to describe, it definitely purple but it has a slight pink tone to it. The duo chrome on this in the bottle is very apparent and it shifts from the violet to an orangey gold color, very nice.

"Rare and Radiant"

This beautiful! It the one I am currently wearing so I can give a definite review on it. This was opaque in 2 coats and there are no visible brush strokes. I have injuries to my nail beds so there are dents and bumps, but those are imperfection on my nails not because of the polish. It's a nice olive-y green that has a great gold duo chrome. The duo chrome is very apparent in the bottle but not as strong on the nail. Aside from that the dry time was quick and its really lovely. This is also an exact dupe for the Chanel "Peridot" and OPI's "Just Spotted The Lizard". I do not own either of those polishes but I have seen many swatches of all 3 side by side and they are all the same.


This is a green that leans toward the blue side. I LOVE THIS ONE! I can't wait to wear this! Again the duo chrome is really apparent in the bottle and it seems to shift to blue and gold. 

"Deviantly Daring"

This is a beautiful teal that seems to have a gold toned shift. Its really beautiful and I don't have many teals like it. The only color I can think of off the top of my head to compare it to is, Wet and Wild's "Teal or No Teal". Not so much the duo chrome but its the kind of teal that are similar. I believe the WnW one is more blue tho, when I swatch this one I will include a swatch of WnW to see how similar they are. 

"Want My Bawdy"

I'll be honest, this polish was the reason I ordered this entire collection. I have never seen another blue like this before and I am obsessed with it. It is a STUNNING rich sapphire blue. It doesn't have much of a duo chrome in the bottle as far as I can see but I don't even care because the richness of this blue alone took my breath away. Its dark but at the same time bright and really vibrant. Bottle shots DO NOT do this justice, I can't wait to wear this. I think this will be my go-to blue for fall and winter.

So all of that being said, once a week or every few days when I change my nail polish I will be reviewing these different colors. Aside from that I have an Up and Away Collection post and the "For Audrey" post coming up. I have some makeup coming as well so stay tuned for those too!

*blows glitter kisses*

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