Friday, August 10, 2012


 Hey Everyone!

I recently purchased some awesome products from the lovely Holly from Moi Minerals. She has some AMAZING stuff! The quality and unique colors she provides are unparalleled as well as being an amazing business owner with great customer service. You can purchase HERE. The prices are great and she has a HUGE array of products such as lip gloss, lip balms, eyeshadow, vegan products, face products and also brushes. If you haven't checked out Moi Minerals before, there's something for everyone and you will be glad you did :) The company is also animal cruelty free, which is a major plus for me.

I ordered on 7/4 and received my order 8/5 which is a reasonable time period for an indie company. SO in the mail came my lovely little box full of goodies and I almost died when I saw the colors. Also, all the swatches are over E.L.F $1 dollar primer.

First of all look at how freaken cute the box she sent me is :)

"Angel Kisses"-                  (no flash)                                           (with flash)

This is a gorgeous true gold with a slight sparkle. It is has a yellow tone to it but not overly yellow.
This one is brand new and is not available yet, but will be soon.

"Golden Touch"-             (no flash)                                              (with flash)

This one has a slight green tone to it, almost olive, and I freaken love it! Its really metallic, it looks alot like gold leaf. This one is also brand new so it is not available yet.

"Pure Gold"-                    (no flash)                                           (with flash)

Pure Gold has an orange-y yellow tone to it, it its shimmery with out being glittery. It reminds me of 18k gold. This is a discontinued shade.

"Maria"-                          (no flash)                                         (with flash)

This one is my favorite gold in the bunch! It is a little more shimmery than golden touch with a slightly different green-gold hue to it. I am inlove with this!!!

"Cameron"-                    (no flash)                                       (with flash)

OMG. This one is AMAZING!! Its a gorgeous taupe-y grey with an amazing duo chrome. The shift leans towards blue but I definitely see a little green and gold in there too. The camera does not capture the true beauty of this, but when foiled its has a cool metallic look to it.

 "Radioactive"-                 (no flash)                                             (with flash)
I mean does this one even need an introduction? This color is SICK. Its super opaque, this is over primer but it really didn't need it. I'm trying to think of a green color that this reminds me of but I cant because to my eye it has a few different color sparkles in it, the swatch looks solid green but it totally has different eye catching tones to it. This isn't on the site yet, Holly will be reintroducing it very soon, so be on the lookout :)

"Mercy"-                             (no flash)                                          (with flash)
This color is unreal. I was speechless for a good 5 minutes when I first saw this. I included a jar picture and I hope everyone can see the blue flash thats in that jar. Its more intense in person. I think my brain got confused when I saw this because I couldn't "understand" this color. It is soooo multi-dimensional and so intense I couldnt even describe. I don't think I can still. haha. When swatched over primer it becomes an amazing copper-y rose shade. I have NEVER seen anything else like this, and will be purchasing back up jars. :)

"Viper"-                        (no flash)                                                (with flash)
RED MATTE AMAZING-NESS. This is an amzing orange-y red MATTE shade that blends like a freaken dream and is awesomely opaque, this is over primer as well but even without it, it is gorgeous! I have finally found my perfect matte red. This would be an amazing lippy as well because I believe the color is super flattering on many skin tones.

I hope you enjoyed my Moi Minerals post as much as I enjoyed writing it! This is one of my favorite indie companies and most of my favorite products come from Moi. 
Thanks for reading!

*blows glitter kisses*

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